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    It’s weird how right now people in Scotland are just going about their day like normal when in reality we’re all shitting ourselves right now and this normal day is one of the most important days in our history

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    Drunk Mermaid by Hatocchi

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  5. Shrek on Scotland Independence

    1. Shrek: this is my swamp
    2. Donkey: that's your half, and this is my half
    3. Shrek: MY swamp
    4. Donkey: OUR SWAMP
  7. And one independence, please.

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    So this is it, the final hurdle. Years from now people will talk about the final speeches (bit like mine just now) like they were rallying war cries. While this has felt like a war at some stages, it’s not. This is about democracy.

    Who makes the best decisions for you? Your boss? Your parents?…


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    I don’t think the comment “bisexuals have straight privilege unless they’re in lesbian relationships” makes any more sense than saying “lesbians have straight privilege while they’re single”. This makes the assumption that all bisexuals who are single or in opposite-sex relationships actively hide their sexual orientation.

    If a gay woman keeps her sexual identity secret while she’s single in order to avoid discrimination, we don’t accuse her of co-opting straight privilege – we sympathize with her for feeling the need to closet herself. So why the double standard for bisexuals?

    It might not apply to you, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t straight-looking femme lesbians, or androgynous-looking, rainbow-wearing, alternative-haircut-having bisexuals. My point is that that comment oversimplifies and overgeneralizes things in a way that seems unreasonable to me.


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    i’m a bisexual who is frequently read as lesbian even when i have a male partner literally on my arm; i’m a bisexual who endured homophobic abuse from a straight man in a romantic relationship; i never want to hear the phrase ‘straight-passing privilege’ again

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    Just had a very homophobic experience at Starbucks.
    My straight friend had no problems getting her coffee but when I asked for 28 shots of espresso all of a sudden my service was refused.

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    Women’s Magazines are several million pound industry in the UK. With over 200 titles to choose from, women buy on average almost 7 million magazines every month, and 38% of women in the UK trust magazines. And yet magazines that claim to be for women or that are supposedly sex positive are churning out article titles such as “Ten lazy ways to lose weight” or “12 Little Things Every Guy Wants in Bed”. Their cover images are sexualised, their articles are derogatory and weight-obsessed, and their fashion editorials are so photoshopped that even the real life models no longer look like that. They evoke unneeded competition between women. And it isn’t just about body image, the models used, or size zero clothing. It’s about the stories and article written, the way celebrities are scrutinized, and what questions female actors and musicians are asked in their interviews. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, desirable, sexy, or trendy, what is problematic is the obsession with these things about all else, to the point where being beautiful is seen as life’s greatest achievement and all else pales in comparison.

    So we’ve decided to make a difference, in the form of a new magazine: Parallel. The title is a play on the idea that feminism and modern popular culture are currently running parallel to one another. In order to get feminism into the minds of the mainstream youth, the two things need to intersect and combine. And that’s exactly what we plan to do. Our magazine will cover subjects regarding race, gender, sexuality, age, liberation, women’s rights, activism, disability, and more, all tied up together in an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary women’s magazine. We will subvert the format of ordinary celebrity or fashion magazines to highlight key issues in today’s world. We will interview and talk to influential women about their opinions, highlight key feminist community groups that you could get involved in, and will review, discuss, and critique women’s role in the media.

    Parallel Magazine will discuss achievements outside of fashion and beauty, will talk about community and activism and how you, as a woman, can make a change to the world around you. It will focus on everything from art to pop culture to history – all through the viewpoint of a modern young feminist. But we need your help.

    We’ve set up a Kickstarter to cover the following costs:

    • printing costs (for the first - and future - issues)
    • trademarking the name
    • making a website
    • travel expenses for interviews and photoshoots
    • business cards
    • the launch party

    In order to get the magazine published, we need a readership, and that starts with you. The first issue is due to be released in January 2015, so effectively your donations will be acting as pre-orders for the magazine. You can either pre-order one issue, or buy a year’s subscription. Each option comes with the choice of no goodie bag, a small goodie bag, or a large goodie bag.


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    i can’t even begin to express how sad it is to see teenage girls hating on each other all the time and calling each other sluts and whores and trying to measure their self worth based on what boys think of them. if only there was an easy way for them to get rid of all this internalized misogyny and realize that the amount of power they’d have if they stuck together could be earth shattering

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    Here’s the inked version of Claudia Balboni’s splash page from ROBYN HOOD #2: DERBY GIRLS!

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